August 2013 release notes

What follows is a list of some of the improvements we’ve been working on recently, which are now available on each site. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about these improvements - just comment below.

Notable improvements

  • Added ability to easily create a post based on content found on another site using a bookmarklet. (To try this improvement, choose Create post from the commands menu and follow the Create a post from content you found on another website link near the bottom of the page.)
  • Added ability to export users from your site. (To try this improvement, choose Manage users from the commands menu and try Export the selected users to a CSV file in the bulk operations.)
  • Added ability to track site search keywords in Google Analytics. (To try this improvement, Google Analytics needs to be configured to use the search query parameter. We’re happy to help!)
  • Improved the access control settings on posts and post types, making them less confusing and more consistent.
  • Improved the way attachments, links and other resources are displayed in DD Mobile by adding a ‘Jump to Resources’ action item at the top.

Other improvements

  • Resolved issue with the new navigation term selection field where it was impossible to untag a post from all navigation terms.
  • Resolved issue where clicking on a teaser header on an iPad or other mobile device would open the video instead of the full post.
  • Added ability to include login/logout buttons on the DD mobile start page.
  • Added downloadable Photoshop template to the DD Mobile configuration to ease the creation of background images.
  • Resolved issues with carousels in DD Mobile.
  • Resolved issues with the ‘Add to calendar’ icons and pop-ups.
  • Added ability to set a default calendar filter other than All.
  • Added ability for us to more easily add a map template for posts that have geographical coordinates.
  • Improved the sizing of all images on all webpages.
  • Improved Google Analytics to track across subdomains.
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