September 2013 release notes

New Features
  • Added a Site Settings page which allows anyone with the System Admin role to administer site information, search engine meta data, contact information, workflow approvers, and more. If you’re a System Admin, you can get there by going to the upper black admin menu: DD > Site settings > Configuration.
  • Added the ability to include Twitter follow and hashtag buttons on posts using the Twitter field found under the Contact info vertical tab. (Learn more here:
  • Added a support portal widget for creating support tickets from your site (note: you may not have been moved into the new Freshdesk support portal yet - if not, no worries, as you’ll be getting moved over this month!) You’ll find it as a light grey “Support” button in the upper left of your site once it’s been enabled.
  • Added the ability to customize the poll confirmation message that appears after a visitor submits their vote. Under the Poll settings, expand the Messages field and fill in the confirmation message you’d like to use. 

Other Enhancements
  • Improved ordering of tabs by post date to consistently display most recent to least recent.
  • Added clearing of menu cache when Manage nav terms overview page is sorted and saved (so your site navigation will actually match the Manage nav terms page without needing to ask us to clear caches!)
  • Improved Preview mode so that you are no longer logged out when previewing as an anonymous visitor.
  • Improved display logic in regards to subterm overviews featured on term landing pages. The page processing now hides various forms of content featured within a subterm overview block (if it doesn't exist or is empty).
  • Proposed revision: Improved display logic of pages using subterm templates: minimizing extra gaps and using the overview post title instead of the term name.
  • Fixed Twitter and Facebook sharing options in flyout menu on teasers.
  • Fixed the mobile sitemap so that the first menu item is available (as the home button); first menu item had previously been replaced with a link back to the mobile start page.
  • Improved display of mobile zone teasers, carousels, and calendars.
  • Improved behavior of script tags in mobile, such as Google Analytics.
  • Improved webform labels so that they display inline when they're configured to do so.
  • Added update to ensure editors have access to use the Full HTML input format.
  • Applied a security update related to XSS protection.
  • Improved consistency of email blast display in Yahoo Mail accounts.
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