October 2013 release notes

New Features

Filter for access control, and to change settings (Manage content > Advanced): 
  • Quickly see access control settings on posts, including identifying which posts have non-standard (for their post type) settings
  • Filter posts by their access control settings, to quickly find all “Member” posts
  • Change access control on posts back to the default settings for the post type(s) – on many posts at once
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Other Enhancements

In Mobile platform:
  • Improved subterm displays by using the short navigation term name, if available
  • Toned down the “View desktop site” start page link, making it less apparent
  • Improved login functionality on mobile platform, so that it now requires only one startpage link (instead of one for log in, and one for log out)
  • Improved styling of the post meta information
  • Fixed webform functionality so that webforms behave as expected
  • Fixed inconsistent display of “More” link on subterm displays so that they follow the settings on the desktop version (e.g. if set to hide on desktop, they will hide on mobile)
  • Fixed inconsistent display of unpublished posts (they now display for admins in mobile, when logged in)

Other fixes:
  • Fixed issue where content zones could suddenly disappear from pages
  • Fixed issue where certain styling may not be working in Internet Explorer 9 and older
  • Fixed inconsistent display of comment count on posts with commenting enabled
  • Fixed navigation menu block controls overlapping menu item links
  • Fixed issue where bundled posts may disappear when any number of them are deleted
  • Fixed issue where helpdesk Support button may have shown up when printing

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