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More flexibility with buttons/nav -- especially across bottom

If we want home page to be the top button - then it's in two places. Would love to use "What's New" button on bottom for something else.

Hey Lisa, was talking to Mac about this, and here's the potential problem: without a "home" button accessible from anywhere in the app, it's hard to get back to the starting spot. So if you remove that lower What's New button (or changed it to go elsewhere), you couldn't get back to that starting screen once you'd started poking around.

Does that make sense?

Hey Lisa!

Good news - in this release you'll now be able to rename the mobile "Start" button on the bottom. It will still need to go to the "start" page of your app (otherwise visitors would never be able to get back!) but you'll be able to rename it to whatever you'd like. 

That's very Good News - and makes so much sense (and fits with home icon). Thank you.


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