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URL names should always be unique, without -0 added to the end

We frequently change URLs for clients who have accidentally created a navigation term or post with the same name as an already existing term or post. The undesired result of creating a duplicate navigation term name or post is a -0 added to the end of the URL. 

I would like to propose that we have a system that catches these URLs before they happen. So when someone is typing in Contact Us into the title of their navigation term, the system would alert the user that the navigation term name already exists, please try to be more specific. Instead of using Contact Us, it could then be changed to a more specific and unique name like Contact the Athletic Department and then placing Contact Us into the short name, so the term name will still appear short for the visitor directly on the website. 

Feel free to add other ideas to this topic or even some cases where we think this may not work.

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Great idea Haley!  That would be incredibly handy.

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