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Add Publish/Unpublish Options to Flyout

It would be great if I could publish or unpublish straight from the flyout menu on a post, rather than having to go into the post and then saving it.

There is currently the option to archive a post in this way, but not unpublish.

The "approve revision" option is only given when an unpublished post is saved and has not yet been edited. Once edited, the unpublished post no longer has the option to "approve revision" straight from the flyout menu.

Just some thoughts  :)

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I've frequently wished for this!

I was just writing up a note on this issue, and found that there was a prior request for this (and rightly so!)  This is an important time saving feature.  

I'm often publishing and unpublishing dozens of pages, and it is a bit of a hassle to go into each post and have to click for fly out menu, click on edit option, scroll to the bottom, select the publish/unpublish tab, click on the publish select box, and then finally save the post... that's already six steps to do a very simple task!

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