July 2014 release notes

This month’s enhancements

Content peeking: want to show a preview of access-controlled content to the public, and prompt users to log in to see the full content? Now you can!

For example, you may have a member-only article that you want to feature with a teaser on a public landing page, and you want to have people sign up for a membership and/or login to view the full article text.

To use this new feature, read about it in our knowledge base or look for the Visibility to unauthorized users option on the post editing form or in the post type settings.

Other fixes and upgrades

  • Updated to Drupal 6.31
  • Resolved an issue where the file attachment and image count on the post editing form was incorrect
  • Resolved an issue where webform fieldsets could overflow
  • Scale down big images when looking for images from the WYSIWYG editor toolbar
  • Improved the feature where a long list of short bullets automatically turns into two columns
  • Removed an old feature designed to prevent the last word of a post title to wrap onto its own line, which often made the post title look worse
  • Resolved a rare issue where duplicate overview content may be displayed
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