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Make "Advanced Mode" the default for Editors

 Hi all.  We have a crew of Editors managing specific pages on our site. 

Some of them get so enthused about the content of their posts that they forget little things like = they don't remember to click on Advanced Mode when they are working on a post.

And then they are calling me asking Why Can't I See Things That I Used To See? and questions like that (which have big cosmic answers that are not about what they are seeking).

Can we make Advanced Mode the default for Editors and relieve them of this trauma?

I have not yet identified ANY time when our Editors would not use Advanced Mode.  And it's easy enough to turn it off on that rare occasion when it's in the way.

Yes?  Alice.

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Here are my two ideas for this:

The first is to have a setting within a post type that we can check a box to have advanced mode on for that post, forever. 

The second is when someone turns advanced mode on... it asks them if they would like to keep it on until they turn it off. So it would be per user, a check box or something. 

Hi Haley.  Both would work, especially the second one.  That way I can solve it with a person once.  And then it should be on and we won't have to solve it again. 


Hi there.  Any progress on this idea?  I'm still getting calls from editors who forget it's off -- things like "OMG the edit interface just died on me" and "my navigation choices disappeared - how will I ever tag again?" and things like that.  And I say, is "Advanced Mode on -- like it's really bright blue"  and they say 'Oh."  But all that could go away if Advanced Mode were on as the default for Editors.  Or, Haley's second idea would work -- once it's on, it stays on till they turn it off. 


I have received some comments / complaints about this as well.

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