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Search - Prompt needed for more results

Hello DD team,

Since the search tool displays results that contain members-only and public posts, would it be possible to have a log in prompt similar to other areas of our website?  See attached log in prompt in the CHA News area as an example. 

Or, is there another suggestion you would have for drawing attention to the fact that they may be missing content if they're not logged in?

Thank you,

Jenna -

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Is there a way to have the log in prompt only display in search if the visitor is not logged in?  I was just thinking that it would be important for a visitor to know that more results would display if they were logged into their member account.  A message such as "Sign into your CHA member account to view all search results, including members-only content."  The prompt could display somewhere along the top of the page.  See attached screen shot.  

Is this possible?  Or, do you have any other suggestions on how to notify users?

Jenna -

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