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Analytics reporting by navigation term

Reason for request:

  • I received the following ticket from CHA regarding analytic site performance for a specific section of their site: Currently they have to track each post and navigation term separately, they can't track the term as a whole.


  • I propose we make changes within the model that passes information to Google Analytics regarding site traffic per navigation term.
  • You would be able to view each navigation term like you do in the Content Drilldown section of Google Analytics:

Implementation ideas:

  • We currently can't do this because the URL structure doesn't tack each navigation term to the URL as the user navigates the site.  This may not be beneficial for users because it results in long navigation URLs, and wouldn't aid the posts at the post-level because they can be tagged to multiple terms.  This may be beneficial to SEO because navigation keyword terms would be in the URL.
  • I spoke with Mac about this need and the troubles I saw with implementing a solution.  He said there was a way to pass custom variables to Google Analytics without the URL.

2 people like this idea

Dennis suggests that we start with tid | tid 

Could use regular expressions and then set up their Dashboard with saved searches

Ben would also like to see user roles tracked.

New Analytics needs to have most of the same features working that the old Analytics used before upgrading. 

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