Things to check before starting to work on editing the website:

Browser used for editing the site

Make sure the browser being used to edit the website is either Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and is the most recent updated version. If, for some reason, you cannot use either one of those browsers and have to use Internet Explorer, make sure it is version 8 or above. 

Create bookmarks for the project

We recommend creating bookmarks (or you can drag the icons onto your desktop) for each of the project tools we use. You'll want one for each of these:

  • Your Sandbox site (URL will be handed over in training) or your live site
  • HelpDesk

If you have a secure place to save the passwords, we recommend doing so. It's okay to forget your password or login information since all three of our project tools have ways of recovering those passwords through email. Just follow the prompts if you need to.