Below are some outlines/templates to use when specifically addressing a reoccurring "bug" or a feature request:

Bug Report

  • URL:
  • User/logged in Role:
  • Browser: 
  • Repeatability: 

    • How often does this occur?
    • What are the steps necessary to repeat this issue?
  • Define/state the problem/issue:
  • Identify the desired outcome:
  • Provide any additional background (if helpful or necessary):

Feature Request

  • Please define the problem or problems you are trying to solve with this feature request. Give as much detail as possible.
    • When do you encounter this problem (under what circumstance)?
    • Can you provide us with an example of this problem?
  • What behind the scenes issues or people are influencing the problem?
  • What additional background information is important for our team to understand about this issue from your perspective?