The Simple Meta module allows you to set custom titles, descriptions and keywords for virtually any landing page (navigation term) or post on your site!

To access the module you must be a System Admin, since the menu item to reach it is in the black admin bar at the top of the site, under "Content management:"

Tip: if you're only a Site Admin, but need to access this module, you can go to Commands > My account and upgrade your role, then save.

Once you're on the Simple Meta page, you'll have the opportunity to add meta for any page:

Note that the path should be the actual node ID or taxonomy term ID, as in this example:

The reason this is great is because even if you change the page title, which creates the Alias that you see above, the meta tags will still work! The module automatically grabs the correct alias, so you don't have to worry about that part.

To find the proper path for a post

  1. Open a new tab and find the post you want to set meta tags for
  2. Hover over the post and click the edit hover icon
  3. View the post ID in the lower right corner of the flyout menu
  4. In the image below (example only), the path you would use in Simple Meta is node/493

To find the proper path of a landing page / navigation term (aka, the taxonomy term ID):

  1. In a new tab, go to Commands > Manage nav terms. 
  2. Find the term you are looking for and click edit
  3. Find the taxonomy term ID in the URL:

What the fields mean

  • The title meta is the actual page title that search engines read and display in their browser.
  • The description meta is what shows up if that page or post shows up in search results when one of your pages shows up 
  • Keywords are thought to possibly help make your content show up for those search terms more often ... although the jury is still out as to whether or not this really helps anymore, since so many "black hat" SEO companies took advantage of this functionality. Note that the keywords meta doesn't show up for searchers / visitors at all.