Looking up the new DNS information

  • While logged in to your site, go to Commands > Dashboard.
    • The Dashboard can only be seen by a logged-in site admin or system admin
    • If your IT team will be completing the DNS updates, they will either need to log in as an admin or an admin can share the details with them.

  • On the Domains & DNS tab:
    • Primary domain and Additional domain(s): The Status column shows the action needed for each DNS record.

    • Email delivery: The Status column shows the action needed for the SPF record.

Updating the DNS information

  • Contact your domain provider to update the DNS records. 
    • If your organization has an IT department, they will be able to help with this!
    • No IT department? See the DNS Change FAQs for assistance, including:
      • How do I find out who my domain provider is?
      • Where can I find instructions on how to make the changes?

Confirming the new DNS information

  • Once the DNS records are updated with your domain provider, revisit Commands > Dashboard to confirm that no further actions are listed in the Status column. 
    • Note: DNS changes may require up to 24 hours to take effect, so the Dashboard may not be updated right away.

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