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Bulk image uploading

This has come up a few times since the new Slideshow functionality was built: we've had a few requests for the ability to upload images in bulk, instead of one at a time. Thoughts? What would be required? (The ability to caption each image, etc.)

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Not just image but attachments as well would be nice.  The captions can be added afterward.  Drag and Drop capable would be even better.

St. Francis would like this. Steve mentioned he uploads A LOT of photos a week and really needs the ability to upload more than one at a time. 

For uploading multiple images to our Photo Gallery post type, this would be helpful.

If we do built this, it would be great to have a simple bulk uploader that would accept any type of file, then it could automatically associated known image types as images and file attachments in the file attachment area. I recall people in the past accidentally trying to attach file attachments in the image uploader and vice versa. 

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