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All images croppable

It would be awesome if not just the first image was croppable.

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FYI - there is currently a description on every image upload field that says "After uploading an image you'll be able to crop it." 

We should take that wording off since the current functionality is that the first image is the only one that is crop-able 


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I highly second the idea to make each image croppable - and resizable! As well as removing any instructions that create confusion.

I'm really interested in a crop tool that is proportioned to the dimensions of our various needs. For faculty/staff profile pages, the crop tool would ensure a portrait if the same proportions as all the other profile pages (which would make the directory much tidier looking). There would be different proportions for pods, etc. I've used this tool on a different Drupal site. Here's a quick screenshot; the tool was crude but effective and I really miss having it.


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