July 2013 release notes

What follows is a list of some of the improvements we’ve been working on recently, which are now available on all sites. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

Major improvements

  • Improved the performance of the navigation system, resulting in an up to 45% improvement to the overall page load time for logged in users
  • Improved the navigation term field on the post editing form to be clearer and more user-friendly, with the capability to expand and collapse the navigation structure to more easily find navigation terms, and with dots indicating where navigation terms have been selected (see below)

Minor improvements

  • Resolved issue where e-mail validations links in user registration e-mails were missing
  • Improved the access denied page, such that the user is returned to the intended page after logging in from the access denied page
  • Added ability to use periods and file extensions in URL redirects
  • Resolved caching issue where post changes would not show up when publishing and reverting revisions
  • Resolved issue where events would automatically archive at 5pm instead of at midnight due to a timezone calculation issue
  • Resolved issue where events would show up as passed or not show up at all when the event hadn’t passed yet
  • Resolved issue where a contact form submission would show the incorrect post as a referrer
  • Resolved issue where the image cropping option in the flyout menu would not appear for editors
  • Resolved operability of post flyout menu on calendar pages
  • Resolved issue where a nested mandatory conditional field would fail to validate in web forms
  • Resolved issue where URLs would get messed up when including HTML code in a post
  • Changed label on login form to ‘E-mail or username’ to clarify the options for logging in
  • Made available the option to add a live Twitter feed to any page
  • Made a variety of improvements to the help file
  • Made a variety of improvements to the mobile platform
  • Made a variety of performance and stability improvements
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