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Standard "Glossary" solution to allow users to see the definition of terms within any post on the site

The glossary would include terms that would be repetitive throughout the site and provide either the ability for a definition by hovering (ideal) or through a quick link out to the definition. This solution would automatically find the terms throughout the existing content so no additional work from the site administrators would be needed. 

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We've gotten a start on standardizing this and may fully release in the next round. :)

Additional request from Sloane: "PS: smart guys, is there a way to get the "back" feature added to the glossary in some way? I just realized that it's pretty annoying to click on an underlined word and then jump to the Glossary page. :))"

We can probably show our standard "back" block with a model change to the digitaldcore node_nav_terms block.

That'd be so great. Smart guy.  ;-)

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