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Ability to customize the "Email" field label for Profiles

UCD Arts had a great idea - would like the ability to customize the "Email me" field label text so they could make it match their style guidelines. (They use all lower case, one word: email.)

Sloane, sorry, not sure what you are asking me to do here, if anything?

Hi Peter, so sorry for the confusion! I meant to add this to the ticket ... which has been created and assigned to the dev team. :)  So the good news is that this should be possible next update ... the bad news is that I accidentally commented in the wrong place. 

So I guess the please and thank you could be to forgive the confusion I've caused! :)

no worries, just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing something i was supposed to do!

also, suggest 'email' as one word should be the norm to be consistent with AP style (instead of 'e-mail'--which used to be AP style)

Please and thank you :)

Change to:

How do you want this to behave?

- Link to contact form

- Send an email ... (blah blah)

How do you want this to display?

- Display "Send message" / "Send email" (based upon option chosen above)

- Display the email address

- Display "Email contact form" (deprecated)

- Display "Email me" (deprecated)

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