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Automated site / content reviews / left to right / eagle eye

Rough ideas for automatically detecting content boo-boos:

  • 404s or other broken links
  • Navigation terms that do not have exactly one overview post
  • Empty navigation terms
  • Posts without any content
  • Posts with placeholder / test content
  • Posts not tagged anywhere
  • Publishing e-mail addresses
  • Bad punctuation in title and body
  • Bad capitalization in title and body
  • Bad whitespace in title and body
  • Headers without any content underneath
  • Multiple overview post types
  • Images that are (too) low resolution
  • Images that are too high resolution
  • Images that are illustrations and/or have text, instead of photography (detect histogram)
  • Images that are significantly over/underexposed

Rough ideas for content metrics, that may help finding structural boo-boos:

  • How many posts in each navigation term / how are posts distributed across navigation terms

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Empty paragraph tags

Consider adding a tab within "Manage Content" with these "flags"/"warnings". This could be implemented in training and project very easily.

Cole and I are working on ACERA IA and have run across some things we need to point out to the migration team ... and he casually says, we need to be able to simply flag stuff for review. 


And maybe even different kinds of flags.... content, design, tech ?

Another issue that we ran across: post types with depth > 4 don't display by default.  It may not pertain to posts, but might be a good systemwide QC check.

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