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Remove 'Force refresh' button

For the following reasons:

  • I'm couldn't tell you what the 'Force refresh' button does. For DD use, I recommend we use the cache flushing mechanisms in the admin menu which are more clear. (At least to me, and maybe I just need to get over this.)
  • More importantly, though, when we remove the 'Force refresh' button, which should be a last resort anyway, we get the opportunity to actually fix any caching issues that exist.
  • It's just plain bad user experience, if the user has to remember to hit 'Force refresh' for certain actions, because those actions are broken.
  • There's a risk of users hitting 'Force refresh' every time they do something even when it's not necessary, causing a slow down in the site. On the new hosting, there's actually somewhat of a risk of overloading Varnish with cache clearing commands.

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Could we begin by simply taking it away from clients? I agree it's dangerous ... Mac says it is the only thing that also flushes Boost without going through that separately ....

Have old CDNs be flushed with the Drupal caches (and Varnish) and stuff.

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