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Issues with "View full site" in mobile

Lisa and Jenna (CHA) mentioned today that the "View on full site" is a bit problematic for a few reasons:

First, it stands out more than everything else, but is the one that (you at least hope) people will least need to click on. 

Second, the wording makes it sound like it's more of a site map link (see everything / full site) than a "leave mobile" link.

Going to encourage them to chime in here if they have additional thoughts. :)

Thanks Sloane! Yes, the "View full site" is somewhat misleading.  Perhaps it should read "View website in browser" - or something to that effect.


This has been implemented and will be rolling out in tomorrow's release! It will say "View desktop site" and be toned down so it doesn't stand out quite so much. The position remains the same, though. :)

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