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Ability to designate whether an image or video pulls through on the homepage

When adding a post to the homepage, any post with both an image and a video will show the video thumbnail. There are cases where this doesn't make sense, and we instead want to show the image. (Especially important for blog posts where there are videos and images included — because not only will the video thumbnail appear, it will also block the users ability to click through to the post because it will pop up a video.)

Currently, the only workaround is to upgrade the user to system administrator and switch the behavior in classes, which is not ideal. 

Would it be possible to add a checkbox or radio button to designate a certain unit of media (video or image) as the primary on a homepage? 

Would it also be possible to add a "visible on post" checkbox? If unchecked, it would not appear on the post but could be a candidate to appear as the primary image on the teaser used on the homepage, social media, etc. This is particularly helpful for videos from news sites that require the Embed HTML field. Such posts would need a preview image, but that preview image would not makes sense to have on the post because it would give the users two places to click (and one would only be an image). 

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