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Newsletter TOC

 We process a monthly newsletter for our subscribers and we've just started using the website to distribute the newsletters.  We have two standard columns each month, "Ask CHPSO" and "Lessons Learned" as well as advertising our upcoming events.  We have a specific post type for each of those.

However, information of what each item is gets lost in the TOC.  It would be great if the TOC could pull the post type when we wanted it to, like we are able to how the post type in the post itself:

In this Issue:

  • Lessons Learned: Working as a Team
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Man Walks on the Moon
  • Ask CHPSO: Why is the Sky Blue?
  • Event: DD Live in Concert
  • So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish
  • Upcoming Events Calendar

I feel it might help our readers scan the TOC better and make our information more accessible and less cluttered.

Hey Andee, are you thinking that it would show the post type in the TOC only if the "show post type" box was checked in the post type edit area? Not sure how we'd do this, technically, but wanted to make sure I understand what you're suggesting so I can present it properly.

From Andee (via email, so for some reason it created a new ticket!)

"Yes.  If we selected “show post type” in the post design (as is currently set up for Events, Ask CHPSO and Lessons Learned), we could potentially make the TOC show that as well.
Here is last month’s newsletter showing what we want.  We had to go through Mailchimp again since the style is not quite right for what we want from the website: "
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