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Duplicate term names in microsites and subterm title display

There has been a longstanding issue / cloud of confusion around the way subterms display. As we address standard templates, we may want to define this behavior once and for all. The recent change to DD mobile to address part of this has been put on hold pending further discussion.

The root of the this issue is the question: what should be used as a title for the subterms?

a) The Full Term Name?
b) The Short Term Name?
c) The Overview Post Title?

Currently, (a) is undesirable in certain circumstances because you could end up with a subterm display that looks like:
- ALLDATA Repair Press Releases
- ALLDATA Repair Community
- etc...

1) The Overview Post Title is not consistently available
2) If the overview post title is not used, does it create confusion when the person clicks through to the page?
3) What about site themes like SCUSD where the term name and the Overview title are both displayed? Should there be rules around this? 
3b) e.g. in Search, it could be very unhelpful to see a slough of short / ambiguous overview titles (Press releases, Press releases)
4) In some cases, depending on the configuration/application of classes to templates, the full term name is displayed, and in other cases, the overview title is displayed. It is not possible in the application layer to determine which is happening on a site without examining the classes and CSS, making standard logic for mobile difficult. 
5) What is going to be used in the Subterm Tabs? (On CHA, Sloane had to revert to short names in the term field to fix this)

Desired title behavior in the model:
needs clarification because some things are posts and some things are terms, and technically this isn't possible right now.

It seems desirable that there would only be two titles available for any term/post. 
1) A full, unambiguous, and unique title (CSU San Marcos Chapter Press Releases)
  - Used for the URL
  - Used when posts are displayed in search
  - Used on the left side (This appears in:)
  - Used in autocomplete fields
2) A shortened, relative title that makes sense within the section or when viewing a hierarchy of terms  (Press Releases)
  - Used as title of overview on landing page 
  - Used on subterm displays
  - Used in breadcrumbs
  - Used in site navigation

Proposed Solution: 

Can't this be automated? If I name something "News" and there is already another "News" on the site, can't it look at the parent terms to differentiate the terms without requiring the user to enter the full name?

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Mac, did this get addressed in the recent updates to short nav term usage?

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