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Google Analytics improvement ideas

  • Problem: Client wants to know which "contact us" link is most popular on the homepage: the one in the header or a big pod on the homepage. 
    Can we ensure that the mode is enabled that tracks links individually (enhanced attribution). 
  • Problem: Client wants to know how many members log into the site to see if some improvements in the login experience are improving overall number of logins.
    Can we add tracking by role? 
  • Can goal data be pushed as an action? (e.g. webform submissions, commerce purchases)

  • Bundle and Blast traffic hard to isolate in Google Analytics — Right now they show us as a referral site and it is hard to separate out.Can emails from bundle and blast be tagged with the UTM tracking codes (e.g. ?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=NODETITLE&.. etc. so e-mail campaigns show up as source in Google Analytics. 

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