November 2013 release notes

New Features

By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to filter for unpublished posts! (Commands > Manage content > Advanced tab)


In addition, you now have more fine-grained control of content approvals and notifications, with the ability to assign a particular approver to a particular user
  • System admins can override the default approvers on a user-by-user basis (Manage users > Edit for the user)
  • See / filter for users with overridden approvers (Commands > Manage users)

Other Enhancements

On the mobile platform
  • Show related contacts and profiles on full posts
  • Use slideshow on full posts with multiple images
  • Resolved an issue where a page would not show member-only content after logging in

Other fixes
  • Resolved issue with the image upload window in the WYSIWYG editor to be broken in Internet Explorer
  • Resolved error message when saving a post with a video
  • Resolved issue with unconfirmed users and access control
  • Removed confusing ‘Go back’ link after submitting a ticket using the ‘Support’ button
  • Resolved issue with images on post teasers when printing
  • Resolved issue with searching from a WebWrap®-ed page

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