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Replacing PDFs without renaming them

When clients need to replace a PDF in a post and it needs to keep the same URL, they have to go remove all revisions, then delete the PDF, then save, then re edit, then re upload the PDF. Otherwise it gets a _0 on the end (and then a _1, _2 etc)

Haley and I spend a lot of time replacing files for people via FTP or via the log in at ICDsoft, but on the new hosting that's more of a problem. Also, it would be really nice if clients could replace PDFs and other attachments themselves. 

Would it be possible to add a "replace" option for file uploads? :)

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I would love to be able to upload a new revision of a pdf, and have the old file overwritten by the new file without the file name and without the url changing at all. When and if we want to archive old pdfs we can do so, but we would love to keep the one clean, current pdf online without any multiple revisions existing, 90% of the time.

 Great Idea, thanks Sloane

Would love to see this. Since we issue a lot of PDFs via email, we'd like to know that the version we just added to the site, is also the version email recipients will pull (if they pull after PDF has been replaced).

In the "old days" when we used our own servers for these files, this was easy to do. Now it seems impossible. Thanks for suggesting.

Our clients will benefit from this a LOT! Saving time, tickets, and confusion. :)

Yes, great idea! It will save a lot of time for both us.

This is imperative for us, as we often post a pdf in one location and then link it throughout the site in diverse places. Not being able to quickly upload a new version of the pdf and then have all those links automatically update is big concern. We moved to a CMS in order to avoid having to go to a third-party (webmaster) for these kinds of global updates. I suggest making this a top development priority, thanks!

Not having this functionality currently is really limiting our ability to take full advantage of a CMS and in-house web editing. We have the same PDF linked in multiple locations of our site. From my perspective, this should be a top priority for the development team.


This would be great if we could do this for images as well!

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