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Allow contributors to make live edits, but still have their new posts await approval

One of our longtime clients Donna told me that she loves the idea (and a previous non-standard configuration she once had prior to our standard sandboxes) of having contributors' edits go live but their new posts wait for approval. She said that in her experience, no one has ever screwed up an edit but new posts make her nervous and she wants to double-check them. She has over 100 contributors currently on her site. 

The new content approval e-mails would still be sent for new posts, and content change notifications would go for edits. (Similar to those dispatched for edits made by editors.)


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This would make it much easier for our set of "contributors," who tend to be in a related organization or upper management, to make corrections quickly (and they tend to "fix" things they know). I agree that this group is more likely to make an error creating a post than making some simple edits.

One downside is this would add one more nuance to an already highly nuanced system:)

From another client: "This feature wouldn’t be that important to me. As we discussed though, I would really like all posts to the home page to have to be approved by a system admin. I like that they can live post to their internal pages, I just don’t like that it is an all or nothing right now that if they can post live on an internal page they can also post live to the home page."

And from another client: "I love the idea of this, especially for organizations that have some standard posts that change but worry about unleashing people to create new posts.

For our purposes, we would probably not use it since the whole team here has full posting privileges but I can certainly see this as a great option for groups with many contributors."

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