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Accordion and tab behaviors on teaser

I have had a number of tickets with confused clients about getting accordions or tabs to appear on the teaser of a post.  Currently they can enable these features on the full post page with the Display Settings tab in the node edit page.

Could we have a little checkbox at the bottom of this section that allows them to enable the selected features on the teaser as well?

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This may have been solved by the long overview stuff.

Let's find an example.

This is an example:

I think this would be a huge value to our clients who use accordions very frequently throughout their websites. 

UC Davis Arts uses them for their courses and it would be very helpful for them to be able to enable accordions on landing pages on their own without having to come to us. They are able to do this for the full post pages, but not on the landing pages.

This would be a great addition to the model!

This would be very helpful! Here is an example of a page where I had to ask Haley to set up the accordions: 

I also had to separate out some information --past courses-- because I couldn't control the display options and students were not seeing the information. Winter quarter disappeared completely; probably deleted so upcoming courses would show up. More display options, please!

I like the teaser checkbox idea as well. 

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