March 2014 release notes

New Features

  • New Template & Layout Controls — Now you can easily change the number of posts on a page, expand or contract overviews, and apply click sorting and filtering to landing pages. Read more
  • Reorganized post type configuration — The large form used to add and edit post types is now neatly organized into groups. You may also now exclude navigation terms for certain post types. Read more
  • Updated editor — We’ve updated the editor for body content to CKEditor 4.3. Not only does it look nicer, this update also makes it work in the new Internet Explorer 11 and provides a variety of small bug fixes and improvements. Read more
  • Synchronize MailChimp groups — When you want to blast via email, you can now update the MailChimp groups with one click of a button right on the form for sending the campaign:

Other Enhancements

  • Email contact link text is more action-oriented and follows AP style guidelines: “Send email” instead of “E-mail” and “Send message” instead of “Contact form” depending upon the behavior chosen
  • Related links on posts are now normalized, which means that related links that are internal will automatically be repointed when the site’s domain changes or if the sandbox URL is used
  • Manage content page only shows first image for each post, instead of all images
  • If there’s a role called “staff,” inflect it to “staff” instead of “staffs”
  • The next upcoming calendar date on posts now update correctly
  • Save revision log entry (“message to site administrator”) and include in approval email when a contributor edits a post
  • Resolved issue where archived badge would not show on manage content page when filtering by archival status
  • Resolved issue where image cropping wouldn’t work in IE 9 and IE 10
  • Resolved issue where archive controls when editing a post don’t work in IE
  • Resolved rare issue where posts would still show as being unpublished (and have a pink background) after they were published
  • Resolved issue where images would be displayed with the wrong dimensions the first time they were displayed
  • Resolved issue where accordions would not work in conjunction with the expanding overview functionality from last month’s release
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