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Keep certain post types in a fixed position in manage post types

There a have been 3 times now where the overview post type was accidentally reordered and moved to be a sub post type of Post. This derails the way overviews display, making it very confusing for the users editing the site. 

I say we make Overview, Post, and Pod all fixed and non-reorder-able. 

Another idea is to make all root level post types not reorder-able so headerlinks, footerlinks, etc... can't be moved as well. 

This forum idea was inspired by tickets 1371, 1338 and 1512. 

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Way to have some background info / ticket numbers handy! :)

I can't think of a situation where these don't need to be root terms.  Root level terms are critical to how content displays and how the theme looks.  One simple slip up can totally screw up a website.  I wonder if we can make all root level terms unmovable for all users but Admin.  The only time that wouldn't be good is if a client made a new post type and accidently set it as a root navigation term and couldn't adjust it; but that accident is far less ugly than these recent mistakes.

Great idea!!

This just happened again, I would love to see this implemented soon. :)

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