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Microsite header, footer, and other persistent links (language microsites)

Microsites are awesome.  They allow us to change the site navigation relative to a term.  With the increased need for multi-language support we have turned to two options Google Translate and Microsites.  For a few of our clients, microsites for each language are a must because it gives them complete control over the content.  This works great for everything except for persistent links in the header and footer.  We can use exotic views-block arguments to display the language specific persistent links on navigation term pages (see image) but this does not allow us to display them on the post level.  Note: to have the correct navigation show up for each microsite post, it needs to be tagged to a term within the correct language.

Example of multi-language persistent link issue:

Example of multi-language site that doesn't have language specific persistent links:

The following screenshot is from the header link configuration for

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