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Set a site root favicon

Idea in a nutshell:

It would be great if we had a root favicon to help ensure the correct favicon appears when you access anything on the domain.

Ticket that prompted this idea/discussion:

Discussion highlights:

Cole LaFrance:

The case of the rogue favicon. When accessing the pdf file the old icon appears and i can't figure out where it is coming from. I'm thinking there is a favicon elsewhere in a directory I can't access.

Benjamin Shell:

So here's my theory... Browsers normally look in the site root for a favicon but since we don't have one there, it can't find one for a PDF; so Chrome (for you guys) is using the one it already cached. There's nothing that would tell Chrome to look for it elsewhere.

Benjamin Shell:

Solution: *if* we had a standardized favion filepath we could use a Varnish or Nginx rule, or just a Linux symlink, to point to where the favicon is in the theme but for Bethel I'm seeing I guess we could point /favicon.ico to /sites/main/files/dtheme_favicon.ico to /sites/main/files/dtheme_favicon_0.ico using symlinks. Although I guess we could route the path to Drupal. /favicon.ico goes to a Drupal path /dd/favicon which them bootstraps Drupal and outputs the theme's favicon.

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