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Report on edits made by user

It would be helpful to get a report that shows all the changes that one user has made to the site. In the Manage Content section, I can filter items if a user was the last person to edit an item or created it, but not if they simply edited it at some time.


Our management has the idea of using a report like I describe to assess workload after a period of time so we can assess our staff levels and assignments.

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That's a great idea! It would be cool if we could make it available on the user tab in addition to adding filters to the main log report.

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Just checking back in to say I'm  still interested in this. I recently had to complete a self-assessment for my annual review, and I wanted to look at how much work I had done on the web, and this report would have been useful.

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I love this idea! I want to see it implemented too. 

I would love this. I have tried to check on edits made by some of my student users--easy to do if they are editors or contributors and I get an email notification of each edit. But for the site admins, I don't get notices (which I am glad of--it would be tedious and/or overwhelming for the really active people), so there is no way to check.  I agree with Mike in the previous comment: having a report of my work would be extremely useful.

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