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Option to have higher nav outline in "this item appears in"

 It would be great to have an option for a full drill-down/outline of where posts are within a website, so that people can see more than the direct parent term of where the post appears in.

For random instance, my post, "Why I like Froyo best" appears in Desserts/Frozen treats as well as Preferences/Food. To the left of the post, "This item appears in" only states Frozen Treats and Food. I would like to see, possibly in outline form:


     -Frozen treats



Semi sitemap-like, but only relating to each post.

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I could see this being a cool thing, we would just really need to call out the landing page where the post actually appears so users don't think this post is appearing on all those landing pages. 

Great idea, Andee! Thanks!

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