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Ability to have the teaser of the post that a webform is attached to flush cache when a component is added.

Right now, when a component is added, the teaser of the post does not cache unless you edit and save the post. 

We would like to have the teaser cache when a component is added so we don't have to go through the extra step. 

This catches some clients off guard who are not aware of the edit/save workaround. Since webforms are usually used as often as other features on our standard model, clients sometimes forget this workaround as well. 


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Agreed, I couldn't understand why the field change I made was not showing up on teaser but was in the post. Very strange. I wouldn't have thought that I had to edit and save the post.

I'd say this is a bug... so I say go ahead create a ticket!

Oh, and I think you mean to say "ability to flush the cache" instead of "ability to cache" because the caching is what's causing it, it's the flushing of the cache that fixes it. :)

Yes! We use tons of forms and it would be great to not have to go in and add or remove a space in the teaser to make the form update. Thank you!

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