April 2014 release notes

New Features

  • Bulk upload file attachments and images. You’ve been asking (actually, the entire Drupal community has been asking!), and our development team has been listening. You can now easily upload multiple file attachments and images with just one click. And it even includes pretty progress bars! Just click the “Add images…” or “Add files…” button (they’re located in the same spot you’re used to) when working on a post and select multiple files. You can then add captions and titles if you choose. This should make creating photo galleries a breeze!

  • Search-as-you-type for navigation terms when in the editing interface for a post, making it much easier to find the navigation terms you’re looking for if you have an extensive navigation structure.

Other Enhancements
  • Field labels in webform submission emails are now properly distinguished in Outlook, making those emails much more readable
  • Editors can now be set as approvers for contributors
  • Retired the “Force refresh” button for performance reasons—let us know if at any time you feel like you need this button, so we can help you and find the underlying problem!
  • Show contact information on teasers by default. Previously it would be hidden by default, now it can still be hidden on a post type basis. (This only applies to posts with actual contact info added to them, e.g. address, phone number.)
  • Open “Share via Facebook/Twitter” links in the flyout menu in a new tab/window
  • Hid “Show node variables” option in flyout menu, because it would take you to an access denied page
  • Improved login experience in DD mobile
  • Improved date display in DD mobile, to be consistent with the desktop site
  • Design improvements to the admin interface, which includes tweaks to messages and buttons
  • Fixed issue where full term name wouldn’t be the first field when editing navigation terms
  • Fixed issue where read more links would be displayed in DD mobile when they weren’t necessary
  • Fixed positioning of the “View Desktop Site” link in mobile; it used to overlap start page links in certain cases
  • Fixed synchronization of MailChimp groups to be one-way, so that groups don’t get recreated on the site or in MailChimp
  • Correction to the way tabs by “Related people and profiles” work

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