May 2014 release notes

  • When posts are reordered, make sure changes are visible to logged-out users 
  • Resolved issue where events would archive based on their start date, instead of their end date
  • Made the location of the “Destination redirect” field be consistent in the right column when editing posts of any type
  • Improved performance of “Last edited by” filter on the “Manage content” page
  • “Template & Layout” button now displays active template
  • “Template & Layout” dialog now has a close button
  • Resolved issue where template & layout dialog would show an inaccurate sorting setting
  • It no longer says, “Saving post…” when deleting a post
  • Resolved issue where hidden navigation term names were visible in “This item appears in” block
  • Resolved issue where editing root post types would make them default to subtypes of “Post”
  • Prevent core post types (Overview, Post, Pod, etc.) from being accidentally reordered to prevent changes to site architecture
  • Restored ability to right mouse click to copy the file URL after uploading a file
  • Resolved a variety of issues regarding file uploads (most of these were “hotfixed” in the days following the last release)
  • Hide embed tags ( [image], [video], etc. ) in search results
  • Add support for using file IDs with [image] and [file] embed tags so images and files can be sorted without affecting where images appear in the post body content, e.g. [image:267]. Sequential numbers are still supported as well, e.g. [image:1], [image:2]
  • Display [image], [file] tag IDs to help in the bulk upload areas
  • Resolved issue where no navigation terms would show up when creating a post, if the navigation term choices were limited in the post type
  • Resolved issue where page background color was pulling through into format dropdown when editing a post
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