June 2014 release notes

This month's enhancements

  • Made reordering navigation terms easier by increasing the maximum number of navigation terms displayed on a single page
  • Resolved an issue where the system would mess up URLs that included special characters
  • Resolved an issue where root navigation terms could not be reordered
  • Resolved an issue where the close button on the Template & Layout form would disappear ... often just when you needed it! 
  • Resolved a number of issues where the page cache wouldn't get flushed properly, which resulted in visitors not being able to see the latest changes:
    • when making certain changes on the homepage,
    • in the embedded Twitter feed (if your site has it),
    • when reordering certain content zones, and
    • when cropping images that have a space (or other special character) in the filename
  • Resolved an issue where it was impossible to reorder certain content zones on some sites
  • Resolved an issue where page background color was (still) pulling through into format dropdown when editing a post in Internet Explorer
  • Resolved an issue where a little grey box would appear on the directory view on hover
  • Resolved an issue where the progress bar for file uploads would be laid out awkwardly
  • Resolved a problem with uploading images with special characters in the filename
  • Resolved an issue where image upload errors would show up under the file attachments tab instead of under the images tab
  • Resolved an issue where the edit button could be separated from the post type button on the post type selection page
  • Updated DD mobile start page Photoshop template

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