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Add a new Subterm template which displays an overview and post(s) for each term

Internally we think this makes sense to include as a default standard template. However the main concern is how it would be displayed. We've originally ruled out this display however client and internal demand looks to be needing it reinstated.

After some internal discussion a few considerations were mentioned:

  • The post should just display the title of each post
  • That title should appear similar to a related link of the overview
  • This title should also be limited to only displaying on one line, any overflowing text would be replaced with an ellipsis (...)
  • When a user clicks on one of these posts the behavior would be to go to the term, not to the post itself. Each post would basically be a read more for the term.

Some use cases for this display are: - Mainly the General Opportunities term
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We've met with design and have taken a interesting new approach to this display. Currently we're waiting on some designs to be submitted for hopeful approval and implementation to our standard model template options.

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