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Choose how many more items to add for bundled content

When adding bundled content, related people/profiles, related links, embedded content, etc... (except images and file attachments) we have to click the Add another item button every time we need to add additional items. This is fine when adding one or two more, but when adding many bundled items or related links it would be much more efficient if we could choose to add more than one field at a time. 

A good example is Google spreadsheets, where you can choose to add a specific number of rows at the bottom. It would be neat to have something like that or even just a Add 5 more items.


Comstock's will be using the bundled content feature for just about every post we do, so I would love something like this! The google docs feature is nice because you can choose how many to add, but even a standard "add 5" or "add 10" would give my index finger some reprieve. 

Oh also, it would be nice if you could enter the next piece of bundled content by hitting the "tab" key instead of having to manually go back to your mouse and click in the next box below. 

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