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Display full term name in 3-column post

I like having the short term names display in the left tabs. But I wish there was a way to control the term name display in the main channel on the subterm overview landing page. There they function as headers for each section in my 3-column post. There is more width available there, and it's useful to give more detail about each section. 

Here is an example: . The full term for TAs and AIs, for example, is "Theatre & Dance Teaching Assistants and Associate Instructors." Ideally I would put "Teaching Assistants and Associate Instructors" as the term on the 3-column subterm overview page. 

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I wonder if what you're asking for would be possible by instead using a different template where the titles were drawn from overviews of those subordinate sections instead of using the term names themselves. I've been in communication with a few team members about this and it might be possible.

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