September 2014 release notes

This month’s enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added UTM tracking parameters to emails, including both Bundle & Blast™ and site emails such as password resets, so that the source will be accurately reported in Google Analytics
  • Restored the ability for system admins to masquerade as any user (a previous month’s security patch had changed the availability of this feature)
  • Hid right sidebar blocks on the full post view when in “content peeking” mode
  • Resolved an issue where some users (especially contributors) were getting an error stating: “Referencing to the file used in the field is not allowed” when saving posts
  • Fixed an issue with tabular views where filenames or links are displayed
  • Added the ability to trigger email notifications and other types of events during PayPal order confirmation (part our new commerce system released last month)
  • Added cache flushing of related RSS feeds when posts are changed
  • Added cache flushing when DD Site settings are changed
  • Fixed normalization of exterior URLs containing spaces in the destination redirect field
  • Fixed issue where navigation term scroll bar is hidden in IE9 while editing a post
  • Set a maximum number of files or images which can be bulk uploaded to a post to 100, which is only enforced going forward (with more than that the page becomes very slow when editing; even 100 files is much more than we recommend uploading)
  • Refined the way URL normalization works, so that if a post’s destination redirect is set to a site redirect which then goes to an external URL, only the site redirect will be saved with the post itself, making it easier to manage external site destinations
  • Fixed an issue with DD mobile where webforms with customized submit buttons would not properly store to the database, per the service notification sent to all affected clients last week
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