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Preview Button: Option to for contributors to preview updated version of post

Often contributors post and then make a long chain of tiny edits on that post (each requiring approval) because they need to see how the post looks live.

The live version of the post is easier for them to proof and catch awkward layout issues.

My ideas:
  1. Include a preview button next to the save button so folks could get a quick look at their work before going through save, revise, repeat cycle.
  2. Include a preview button on the post flyout for any post that has a pending revision, so contributors could take a look at the pending version if they opted to save without previewing.

Thanks for considering. I think this could be a huge workflow improvement for both contributors and approvers.


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So ... I think I found a way to game this. If the contributor saves, then goes to the Revisions tab of the post and clicks the date in most recent (red) revision, s/he can see a preview. Correct?

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