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Cloning a post and editing a webform can do some damage if you do not save the clone

Here's the scenario I'm referring to:

I have a webform attached to a post that I want to replicate. I clone the post and see that there is a tab to edit the webform. I click that tab and start editing away. Since I did not save the post, I'm actually editing the webform of the original post (not what I intended to do!). Since there are no revision to webforms, there is no way to get that information back. 

There was also no way for me to know that I was not editing the webform of the cloned post since the system did not warn me and also did not ask if I was sure I wanted to navigate away from the editor of my cloned post. 

What I should have done was save the post before touching anything else. 

I think a couple solutions could help resolve this and stop it from happening to future clients: 

  • Remove all tabs at the top of the editor when first cloning a post. 
  • Warn the user when they navigate away from the editor. 
  • Somehow let the user know they are not editing the cloned webform, but the original. 

Any other ideas?
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