February 2015 release notes

Improvements to DD Commerce functionality

  • Added a coupon function to the commerce feature on webforms – read the updated knowledge base article
  • Added ability to export and download all orders to a CSV or TSV file
  • Improved webform integration such that editing a webform submission updates the order
  • Resolved an issue where the price would be erroneously stripped from certain purchase options on a webform–e.g. “Veggie bags ($5 for your group)” would turn into “Veggie bags ( for your group)”
  • Resolved several rare errors that might occur when registering for a new user account during checkout
  • Restricted the new order filters to administration pages
  • Improved the manage orders page by showing the price on line items
  • Fixed an issue where the “Last name” field was labeled “First name”
Other improvements
  • Added a new warning message to prevent accidental deletion of a whole subtree of the navigation
  • Disabled the Simple Meta pop-up form that was showing up on the post edit page for some admins and causing Javascript errors
  • Resolved an issue where web crawlers (such as those used by search engines) would unnecessarily index the search result pages on some sites
  • Resolved an issue where cloning a post that had webform components would appear to not clone certain fields (the actual problem was related to caching; the fields were there, just not appearing)
  • Resolved a rare issue where a SQL error was displayed when using content peeking
  • Resolved an issue where the advanced mode button would not display when cloning a post

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