April 2015 release notes

This month’s improvements

  • Installed a new “veggie bag deployment” module allowing clients to request a veggie bag delivery with the click of a button.* 
  • Updated to the latest secure version of Drupal to address various security vulnerabilities that we didn’t cause, but nevertheless patched. :)
  • Updated our login modules due to a conflict with the security update mentioned above.
  • Improved the DD Commerce module to support commerce items included in listboxes. Because buying things in lists is important.
  • Added a new module that can be enabled to check sites for broken links. (Note: this should only be used on sites specifically concerned about broken link issues, as it could impact site load speed.)
  • Patched the CTools module due to multiple reported vulnerabilities. None of our sites had been affected, but better safe than sorry!
  • Patched a low-risk cross site scripting vulnerability in the webform module (again, no sites had been affected).
  • Resolved an issue where H4 accordions weren’t working properly, causing much sadness among clients who use them.

*This one isn’t true, just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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