May 2015 release notes

  • Installed a module to resolve an issue where photos coming from iPhones would rotate incorrectly.
  • Added multiple performance optimizations to help all site pages render faster, especially on sites that have a lot of posts. (Not only does this make your site faster, it also makes it able to handle more traffic!)
  • Added a dialog to the reorder posts interface that makes it clear that clicking on a column header will immediately reorder the posts in that manner.
  • Updated the Views module for a very minor security fix.
  • Updated the theme layer to wrap each subterm block within a <section> tag to better comply with accessibility guidelines.
  • Fixed an issue where depth filters would misbehave on taxonomy term pages, and improved the styling of filter buttons.
  • Fixed issue making it impossible to save post type settings for any post type(s) with a lot of posts already created. Post access settings are now only updated when necessary, and only if there are 500 or fewer posts to update.

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