August 2015 release notes

  • Improved accessibility, by removing empty heading tags in content
  • Removed the limit on map proximity search views that was restricting the results to 3
  • Improved the reliability of site backups on sites with long names
  • Improved the reliability of URL aliases, by preventing a URL alias from being created that is already a URL redirect
  • Resolved an issue where photos from smartphones and other cameras were not being rotated correctly on the post editing page
  • Improved the reliability of the link checker module to reduce ‘false positive’ broken links
  • Added filters to the link checker reports to allow filtering by post type and/or archive status
  • Resolved an issue where post type display settings would not take effect immediately due to caching
  • Added the ability to set the default microsite menu to use on non-standard pages
  • Updated Drupal to 6.36 to resolve a potential security issue (no Digital Deployment clients are using the affected OpenID module)
  • Patched the Views Bulk Operations contributed module to ensure unauthorized assignment of user roles (no Digital Deployment clients were affected by this issue)
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